Symbol of IGCAR

A fountain to Commemorative symbol of country's self reliance and ingenuity in advanced technology, the Fast Breeder Test Reactor completed two decades of its existence. The centre is engaged in broad based multidisciplinary programme of scientific research and advanced engineering directed towards the development of Fast Breeder Reactor technology.

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The Minar

Commemorative Golden jubilee year of Department of Atomic Energy Minar, a stone carved pillar unveiled and also the launching of the commercial phase of fast reactors programme has been signalled by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Honourable Prime Minister on October 23.

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A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees

National Federation of Atomic Energy Employees -NFAEE unifies the entire work force of Department of Atomic Energy in strengthening the unity and struggles of atomic energy employees and workers for better pay, service condition, health and safety, etc and through those activities ,consolidating the collective strength and consciousness of the employees and workers. Besides the above, the NFAEE also intervenes in the various aspects of the department by placing the consolidated opinions of the employees and workers. Side by side the Federation has undertaken the task of uniting other trade unions and also similar organizations in the national level to press the management, government and the related agencies for redressal of workers’ grievances at the unit/department level .

Apart from the fight against the onslaughts of imperialist globalization in general, Federation is engaged in particular in the fight against the anti-people policies of liberalization and privatization. The important issues before the trade union movement in the country, inter alia, are attacks on trade union right, right to strike, right to collective bargaining, pro-employer retrograde changes in the labour laws, reduction of social security, closure of industrial units and massive retrenchment of workers, outsourcing and casualisation/informalisation of employment, menacing growth of unemployment, etc federation is engaged in the struggle against such divisive forces, defending the unity of working class.


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